Merry Christmas and Happy 2009

Hi all, I hope everyone gets a chance to come and see this. I feel like somewhere in this December there is a missing week. I am still looking for it and well there just isn’t enough time to get it all done. So I just decided that I would do what I could do through prayer and list making. J And then wouldn’t you know it Abby got her first ear infection (a double one at that) and Dillan woke up with a fever. LOL!!!

So our year in review is….
For me, I still love my role as Mom and general manager of everything home. I had to take an off and on schedule at Choir this year, but really hope to make it there regularly in 2009. I did make a move from my bible study group to help form a new group affectionately called the Mommy bible study. It’s has been wonderful getting to know my new friends and some old ones. I wish I could share what I hope Santa brings me for Christmas…I guess maybe that week I lost.

David started traveling after his paternity leave. He first went to Melbourne, Florida and now he is traveling to Washington, DC during the week. He did get to go hunting while we were in Nebraska for Thanksgiving. He hunted both deer, which he didn’t get and prairie dogs, which he did get.

It has been wonderful watching how both the kids light up when Daddy or dada gets home. I think David hopes that Santa will bring him reloading equipment or maybe a meat grinder to make his own brats.

Abigail Joi or Abby turned 4 in September. She is in her second year of preschool.

She LOVES school and her friends. When we have a break she asks, well Mommy who is going to play with me now? Abby got to go to her first Husker game this year while we were back for Thanksgiving. She got to sit with Grandpa and Daddy and had a great time.


She is asking Santa for a gun (so she can hunt with Daddy), sparkly red shoes and a robe like mommies.

Dillan Matthew was only a one liner this time last year. He joined our family on January 8, 2008. He is now 11 months and seriously thinking about walking. He is always full of smiles even when he has his beloved thumb in his mouth.

He loves to make music with anything that shakes and loves anything his big sister does. Dillan is asking Santa for toys that are a little bit boy. As you can image we are all full up on baby dolls and all things pink.

We made a few trips this year. We were able to go and stay with Daddy in Florida for a few weeks. While there we made a trip to Sea World, Coco Beach and many visits to the pool.

We also went up to DC and stayed with Daddy for a couple of weeks. We got to see many friends and family that we saw often when David and I lived up there. We also did a few walking trips to see the sites.

Also we went to Omaha, Lexington and Lincoln, Nebraska over the Thanksgiving holiday. We loved the time with Grandpa.

We wish all of you a wonderful 2009 and pray the year is good to you. Please enjoy the photos and we look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Much Love – The Gawlaks!